Design and Color Reverse Engineer Post: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Poster.


This is a poster from one of my favorite movies, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. It was designed my Actual Pictures who are a group of art students interested in design and photography. The poster depicts part of the film the main character Greg makes for his friend who has cancer. I love how simple the poster is but it still conveys enough information to spark an emotional response if the person has seen the film.


This poster conjures up some contrast that helps the appeal of the image. For starters, The contrast between the big and small founts on the title helps showcase the names Me, Earl, and Girl who are the three main characters of the movie. staying with the title, the big, bold, white fount really sticks out well behind the dark orange background. Also, the colors contrast like the blue and red circles.


The poster also uses repetition to it’s advantage. I like the repetition in the title with the main words Me, Earl, and Girl all in the same big fount and the other words in the same small fount. Also, the shape of circles gets repeated three times in the poster.


The poster benefits from the use of alignment. The title makes looks sharp with it being aligned left, and then foiled by the directors name in the bottom corner which is aligned right. The circles align with the title as well, as the bottom blue circle aligns it’s self with the word girl, and the circle to the right aligns it’s self wit the right of the title.


The poster uses proximity to help with the overall design. The designer put the title of the movie all really close together in the top left corner to connect all the long title together. Also, two of the three circles are close together connecting the two and leaving one in far proximity to the others.


The colors schemes in the poster showcase the design well. The poster uses complementary colors well with the main color orange being complemented by the blue circles. Also, the poster uses warm and cool colors well with a lot more cooler colors like the orange and blue than the warm colors with the one red circle. Also the tones work well with the contrast between the title color and the orange which helps it stand out.


The five principles of design helped the poster stand out. The title especially used a lot of the principles to pop, like it’s right alignment, and it’s color contrast with the background. The repetition and the colors of the circles make that a vital part of the design. In the end, it’s a rather simple design, but with the help of the five main design principles it looks professional and it catches the eye.

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